Organized Concise Project KPIs at your Fingertips

We are a team of passionate civil engineers working towards a better tomorrow for Construction Professionals in India


Where are you? Where is he? What did you do today? How much have we billed till today? How much will we bill this month? How much labour today?...We give an answer to all…in just 3 clicks!!

Location based attendance

Punch in when you reach worksite. Punch out when you leave.

Mobility Tracking

Track movement of trucks, vehicles and other machinery

Progress tracking

Track Executed BOQ items

Financial Reporting

Track financials of work done

An app for Each
& Everyone

Use dashboards to monitor project health status updates to see how your project is progressing and what’s left to do.

Get deeper insights into your team’s resources and their timely Availability.

Use CIVILBABA’s mobile apps to monitor work, even when you’re on the go.

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CIVILBABA App is easy-to-use, flexible, and feature-rich.

Better Scheduling5%
Employee on site time increased 14%
Work done increased 5%
Bill tracking visibility10%


The strength of the team is each member. The strength of each member is the team.” Phil Jackson

Er. Rajesh Jindal

Chairman cum Managing Director

Founder Chairman and Managing Director of CIVILBABA

Abhik Jain



About Us

CIVILBABA is the brainchild of Mr Rajesh Jindal who is a Civil Engineering Graduate from Punjab Engineering College Chandigarh and PGP NICMAR, Pune and reaping his robust exposure, knowledge and experience of more than 27 years in the Construction Industry with RITES, L&T, Punj Lloyd and CIVILBABA Infra Consultant. He is a passionate Civil Engineer and an alternate thinker with a flair for innovative ideas. He very well understands the pain points of the Industry and identified that despite being one of the biggest employers & biggest contributors to the GDP by driving the core industry of Cement, Steel, Petroleum, and mining etc., the Construction Professionals are still not given their due credit.


CIVILBABA is not a Company but an ideology of all the professionals who contribute to making construction happen. Be it the

  • Civil Engineers, who Plan, Design & Execute a project.
  • Architects, who are obsessed with aesthetics.
  • Interior Designers, who make it cosy & comfortable.
  • Mechanical or Electric Engineers, who take care of Plant/Equipment, Escalators, Electricity, HVAC etc.
  • Accounts & Finance Professionals, who make funds available to a project and eventually manage them.
  • HR & Admin. Professionals, who take care of the well being of all of us.
  • Operators, who make life easy and reduces human efforts.
  • Labour, without whom construction industry cannot survive.

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